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An appreciation blog for Kid Loki and Journey Into Mystery, mostly.

There are spoilers for the ending of Kid Loki's run of JiM. The tag is "jim spoilers". I also tag spoilers for Loki: Agent of Asgard, as "aoa spoilers". But honestly, follow under your own risk. It's probably not a good idea to read posts in a fandom you aren't up to date or haven't started reading.
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he’s got wings because he’s dead


Oh dear lord, it looks like after the fifth issue of AoA we’re getting crossovers with Thor for the Original Sin event.

Hold me.

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I am the most not sorry


Aren’t you going to wish me luck?


Mighty Thor #18

2 Daddy issues for the price of one.


Perhaps I’m a little slow on the uptake, but it took me this long to realize that Loki likely became reincarnated as a kid (as opposed to an adult), because this was the age that Thor was sentimentally remembering him, just before he brought him back to life.

Even when life seems a bad dream, you can think that it IS a bad dream, and you may wake from it. It’s what they can never take from you. There’s always hope…
Kid Loki (Journey into Mystery #635 by Kieron Gillen)


Tried my hand at a bit of art in the style of xxthesmittenkittenxx, because I think that her style is so cool.  Anyways, a little bit of Leah and Hela, with the hopes that this joke hasn’t been done already.

Also, on the off chance that you haven’t seen the movie, the line is off The Addam’s Family.